Creative Ability

The most important thing is not the equipment you fly, but to help your client, tell their visual story in the most creative and effective way.

Why are we different? For me passion drives the process and we really want to create those “WOW” moments that you are paying for. Our strength is to go out and do excellent Second Unit Work. The Director can just give us his shot-list and we will go out and come back with more than you hoped for… those emotive goose-bump moments, that money cannot really buy. We are not just Drone Operators; we live for that special moment that happens in the frame… “WE CAN SEE THE SHOT!” I personally train all our pilots and camera operators because it is extremely important to find synergy between the pilot and the camera operator. Not every pilot can fly a camera or visualise what’s happening in the frame and most so called, drone camera operators, cannot even operate a camera on a tripod never mind a gimbal on a drone. We probably have more hours experience than any of our competitors.

Please have a look at our reel and let me know if you have any questions. It will be great to get feedback from you.

Warm regards