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Drone Equipment & Licensing

Please note that we are one of the few Legal Drone Operators in South Africa, unfortunately we have people who pretend to be legal. If you would like to make sure that you are dealing with a legal operator, please visit the SACAA website, all the legal companies are listed. We are fully licensed and have an impeccable safety record. We also won the South African Society of Cinematographers, Visual Spectrum Award for 2015 with our drone cinematography work. We have embraced the legal requirements and developed an excellent relationship with SACAA and I believe we are one of the best and safest operators in the film industry.

I have been active in the film industry for many years as a DOP/Director and have established relationships with many production companies all over the world. Our pilots are brilliant and have been flying radio control for more than 15 years and became SA champions in 5 categories of aerobatic radio control flying.

We fly several drones with various cameras, like the fantastic new Panasonic GH5, Black Magic RAW and the latest RED Weapon or Alexa Mini. We even have DJI Inspires with X5 cameras, so we can accommodate you within the limitations of your budget, whether it is a small or big budget production. We have all the latest cutting edge toys like follow focus and iris control and if we don’t have it we will get it for you.

Please have a look at our reel and let me know if you have any questions. It will be great to get feedback from you.

Warm regards